The Brian MacIsaac Sarcoma Foundation, Inc.
29 High Street, Natick, MA 01760
EIN #: 27-2571227
The Brian MacIsaac Sarcoma Foundation was established May 6, 2010 to raise awareness of and to provide funding for sarcoma research, in particular Ewing’s sarcoma, and to help those confronting this terrible disease.  Brian became excited about fundraising and his family and friends are continuing his efforts.  The foundation is an IRS recognized 501 (c) (3) non profit organization and is registered with the Massachusetts Office of Attorney General Public Charities Division, and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. 
The board of directors administers this foundation through a donation of their services, without compensation.

Board of Directors (7):

Brian MacIsaac, President / Director (Brian’s Dad)
Kathleen MacIsaac, Treasurer / Director
Kristen (MacIsaac) Nugent, Clerk / Director
Carly MacIsaac, Director
Jonathan Nugent, Director
Alan Seru, Director
Michael Winn, Director